Work Remotely from Bluegrass Kentucky

Stonewall Farm is the perfect place to raise a family. Stonewall offers a healthy environment for your family to enjoy. You can take in the trees, the garden, the grand setting which enriches the soul and clears the mind.

Stonewall Farm is set in a stunning location. Whether you enjoy fishing on one of the property’s lakes or just to going for a relaxing horseback ride. The beautiful sunsets, being in contact with nature, all the while being so close to all three vibrant urban centers, will impress you.


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High-Speed Connection

Spectrum is the largest provider of internet in the Versailles, KY area. Right now the home is connected through Barbourville Utility Commission and has both the home and office setup with $99.95 BOL Broadband 25 Mbps down | 2Mbps up. This is perfectly acceptable for high demand video conferencing, skype chat, and file sharing. Additionally, BUC has fiber which will provide up to 10Gigabyte upload speeds. Additionally, the farm actually has it’s own cell tower.

Work Remotely in a Separate Office

Separating work from family life can be important when working from home. The 262-acre property has a 3,500 square foot office complex that is walking distance from the estate.

Close to international Airport

Blue Grass Airport is a public airport in Fayette County, Kentucky, 4 miles west of downtown Lexington and only minutes from Stonewall Farm, which is also west of Lexington. Wikipedia Blue Grass Airport offers non-stop flights to 18 airports with convenient connection service to business and leisure destinations worldwide. These airlines are Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines all have direct flights to New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa Bay as well as other cities. The West-coast can be reached through Dallas.

Remote Work Opportunity of a Lifetime

Stonewall Farm is located in the center of Bluegrass Country, the “Horse Capital of the World”. However, whether you enjoy horse racing or simply require a place of natural beauty, culture, and history to live, Stonewall Farm is an All-American treasure.

Lexington, the most noted area in the world to breed thoroughbred horses, encompasses more than 500 breeding farms. The Kentucky Horse Park offers exhibits and movies on horses. Do not forget to visit the American Saddle Horse Museum, dedicated to the native Kentucky race, or enjoy the races at the wonderful Keeneland racecourse during the season. The area immediately surrounding Stonewall Farm is filled with historic sites, including the Waveland State Historic Site, home of Mary Todd Lincoln, and Kentucky’s famous Henry Statesman Ashland Estate.

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Another important note: Stonewall Farm is  located very close to other important cities as well as states with many amenities, vacation opportunities, culture and entertainment.

Stonewall Farm

Just 20 minutes from Lexington!

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